Traficon Oy

Liikennesuunnittelun erikoisasiantuntija

Traficon Ltd

In a nutshell

  • Independent transport planning consultant
  • Founded in January 1989
  • Fully owned by the personnel
  • Annual turnover about 1 million Euro
  • RALA-approved quality system
  • Solidity:AAA

Field of business

Traficon's main field of business is transport planning including traffic management, ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) and transport payment systems.

Special competence

Traficon has special expertise in traffic control and management (traffic signals, guidance, traffic information systems), ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems), road pricing and road tunnel safety. On these areas we are one of the leading consultants not only in Finland but also in Europe.

EU research programmes

One of Traficon’s main competence areas are EU transport research projects.  We have taken part in more than 30 EU projects. The network created in these projects has frequently been utilised also in domestic projects.

Board and ownership

The main owners Kristian Appel, Jari Oinas and Tomi Ristola form the board of Traficon Ltd. Mr Kristian Appel has acted as a CEO from the very beginning of Traficon's history. In addition to the board the four other partners are all in key positions in Traficon.  There is no external ownership .

Quality control

The aim of Traficon's quality system is to ensure customer satisfaction. The key factors in our quality control are:

  • understanding the client's wishes and needs
  • seamless co-operation
  • professional competence
  • high technical quality of the end product. 

Our quality system has been RALA-approved since 2005. The system is audited annually.