Traficon Oy

Liikennesuunnittelun erikoisasiantuntija

Our Expertise

Traficon Ltd offers a wide range of services including studies, consultancy, planning, design and project management in the following fields of transport planning:

Traffic management and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

The goal of traffic management is an efficient, safe and environmentally sustainable transport system. Traficon has promoted ITS in Finland for example by taking part in development of the national ITS strategy, national traffic management architecture plus national and regional ITS development and implementation plans.

We work in close co-operation with the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Finnish Transport Agency in developing traffic management services. We also create solutions and guidelines and supervise their realisation and inauguration.

Traffic Control and Information Systems Design

Traffic is controlled making use of horizontal and vertical traffic signs, traffic signals and variable traffic information. Well-designed traffic control is an essential part of a safe traffic environment. Real time information improves the service level of traffic. Traficon has designed traffic signal control for hundreds of intersections all over the nation, for extensive road and street sections and urban traffic control systems. Traficon has over the years written most of the authorities’ guidelines for signal control design and implementation.

In traffic sign design we use the state-of-the-art design software NovaPOINT..

Physical Transport Planning

Successful geometric design is a prerequisite for fluent traffic flow. Traficon knows how to design roads, junctions and car parks. We also make city centre and other urban traffic plans.

Transport Pricing and Road Tolling

Innovative pricing influences traffic demand, improves co-operation between transport modes and makes the use of the transport infrastructure more effective. The revenue can then be invested in necessary transport projects. Traficon has been involved in many of EC's major traffic pricing technology development projects, in almost all domestic pricing studies and in CEN/ISO standardisation.

Road Tunnel Traffic Management and Risk Analysis

Also in Finland road tunnels are more and more constructed in order to solve traffic problems. Traficon has participated as traffic and safety organisation designer in numerous road tunnel and other underground projects and as the client’s specialist supervised their realisation. Road tunnel traffic risk analysis and risk analysis of dangerous goods transports are our special fields of know-how.

Traffic Management System Architecture

Uniform system architecture makes system compatibility and interoperability possible and enables ease of update and international competition on the equipment markets. Traficon has from the beginning been involved in the creation and development of the national system architecture and also in the EU framework architecture KAREN/FRAME. Traficon is also one of the compilers of the Nordic ITS Terminology.

Traffic Safety

A common goal of transport projects is to improve safety. Traficon has a long history in the field of traffic safety including several development projects as well as regional traffic safety plans.

Public Transport

Means to promote public transport are, for example, physical improvements, transport demand management, development of payment systems, traffic signal priorities and passenger information. Traficon has a sound competence in public transport promotion all the way from strategy planning to implementation. We are also the leading Finnish designer of traffic signal priorities for public transport.

Our clients

Among Traficon’s long term client relations we can mention such as:

  • The Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications
  • The Finnish Transport Agency (former National Road Administration, Tielaitos)
  • The Finnish Transport Safety Agency
  • Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (former Road Administration districts)
  • The Cities of Espoo, Forssa, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Tampere, Turku, Vaasa, Valkeakoski and Vantaa plus many others.