Traficon Oy

Liikennesuunnittelun erikoisasiantuntija


Kristian Appel

+358 50 566 1949

Chairman of the board, Founder of Traficon
Born 1949 in Helsinki
M.Sc. 1974, B.Sc.(Econ.) 1981

Kristian has more than 40 years of experience in the field of transport planning. He has taken part in several EU projects as well as in transport related Nordic cooperation.

Kristian’s special areas of expertise are traffic management, control and payment systems, system architecture, terminology, road tunnel safety plus traffic management studies and development strategies.

Jari Oinas

+358 50 511 4585

Project manager, Member of the board, founder of Traficon
Born 1960 in Inari , M.Sc. 1987

Jari has more than 25 years of experience in traffic signal and signal control system design plus drawing up their quality requirements and design guidelines.

During the last years Jari has been responsible for large design projects of variable traffic management systems and also worked as a traffic management specialist for definition of quality requirements and supervision of contracts of the Finnish Transport Agency. Also the development of traffic management operative activities for the Transport Agency’s Traffic Management Centre and system architecture are among Jari’s core competences.

Tomi Ristola

+358 50 500 4170

Project manager, Member of the board, Partner
Born 1958 in Helsinki, M.Sc. 1983

Tomi has over 30 years of experience in traffic, especially traffic control, traffic safety, information systems and public transport. He is also familiar with the impacts of traffic management systems.

Tomi has also worked in development co-operation projects and EC's research programs' projects.

Risto Kulmala

+358 40 502 6254

Senior Advisor on ITS, Professor, Partner
Born 1952, M.Sc. 1976, DrTech 1995

Professor Risto Kulmala is internationally one of the most prestigious ITS experts in Finland. His great expertise and personality have been enjoyed by many foreign partners. Risto's key areas of expertise are the entire ITS field of traffic, transport telematics and autonomous transport, impact assessment and research on transport policies, and road safety forecasting models.

Juha Hyvärinen

+358 50 556 32 95, +7 921 969 98 82

Project manager
Born 1957 in Kemijärvi, B.Sc. 1980

Juha has more than 30 years of experience in transport consulting. His areas of expertise are traffic safety, transport economics and managing co-operation projects between Russia and Western Countries. Juha is working in Russia and for the past 15 years he has managed projects in the Barents Region and in Northwestern Russia.

Juha has also worked on projects for the U.S. Department of Transportation, World Bank, EBRD, GRSP (Global Road Safety Partnership), Nordic Council of Ministers and in various EU funded projects

Satu Kotituomi

+358 9 4247 5220

Project manager, Partner
Born 1968 in Tammela ,M.Sc. 1994

Satu works with over 20 years’ experience as a project manager in traffic signal design and fluency/capacity studies. She has also taken part in EC's passenger information projects. 

Satu masters also traffic design and functional studies of car parks.

Heidi Arjamaa

+358 9 4247 5214

Project manager, Partner
Born 1976 in Helsinki, M.Sc. 2003

Heidi is a member of Traficon’s strong traffic signal design team. Heidi masters also functional studies by simulation, dimensioning of signboards, traffic technical design of variable control systems and geographic information systems.

Jaakko Tuominen

+358 40 522 4087

Project manager, Partner
Born 1964 in Helsinki, M.Sc. 1991

Jaakko masters traffic signal design in and out with 25 years’ experience. Before joining Traficon Jaakko designed and programmed traffic signals for the City of Helsinki for over 15 years. Jaakko is our office’s specialist of public transport priorities.

Jaakko masters also functional studies by simulation and design of traffic management by fixed signs.

Heidi Hämäläinen

+358 9 4247 5210

Design assistant, Partner
Born 1963 in Hämeenlinna, Cartographer 1981

Heidi makes our office run smoothly from day to day. When calling our telephone exchange you probably first hear Heidi's friendly voice on the line. 

Heidi takes care of the company's invoicing and also draws designs making use of CAD.

Matti Huju

+358 9 4247 5218

Transport Planner, Partner
Born 1987 in Espoo, M.Sc. 2015

Matti has gained experience in making surveys in the areas of transport management, ITS and traffic signals.

Matti is also capable of preparing designs for traffic signals and making capacity and operability analyses.

Aapo Tiilikainen

+358 9 4247 5222

Born 1994, Student

Aapo is working within traffic control and management projects on a part-time basis besides his studies.